William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

About Director:

Prof. G K Govinda Rao is a retired Professor of English and also well known actor in theatre, Movies and small screen, poet and presently he is a senior member of Ranga Samaja. He is one of the very few Kannadigas who can speak authentically about Shakespeare’s plays. He has acted in many movies including the National Award winning movie Grahana. He has acted in major roles in serials like Malgudi days,  Maha  Parva. Prof. Govinda Rao who draws the attention of our society due to his direct, sharp tongue has been opposing blind belief and superstition since beginning. He has delivered lectures about it, all over the state and also written books. His ‘Shakespeare-a study of two plays’ is a collectable, valuable book about play writing. He has directed and acted in many Shakespearian plays and currently he is directing the play Julius Caesar’ for Rangayana.

About the play:

Julius Caesar is said to be play written in 1599. By that time Shakespeare had already composed eight historical plays. All those plays were about England. For the first time Shakepeare  chose a historical subject about outside England and wrote a play. Rome was a republic and its political design was different from England. Since it was a democracy, Kings and Emperors had no place there and the talk of tyrannical Monarchy was anathema there. Since the plays he wrote before 1855 were about English history are identified as historical plays, Julius Caesar can be considered as Shakespeare’s first political play. It is not only a political play but it is the top most play that fits that description. Though Julius Caesar is a political play written keeping the Roman political system in the backdrop, it is still the most important political play applicable to all the countries, in all respects.