RANGAYANA  Rangayana is a fully professional modern drama repertory which has established itself in the premises of Kalamandira, Mysore, Karnataka. This institution established by the Government of Karnataka in 1989 is the baby of Late B.V.Karanth’s dream. Rangayana has imbibed his imagination, vision, brilliance , dream along with the hard work of the artists, technicians and staff has blossomed into a beautiful place Sri C.Basavalingaiah and Sri Prasanna, Sri Chidambara Rao Jambe who became Directors subsequently have worked very hard to build a conceptual foundation to this institution and expanded its scope and horizon.

As of now Rangayana is working in three important dimensions.

  • Repertory company
  • Bharatiya Rangashikshana Kendra
  • Sriranga Rangamahithi & Samshodhana Kendra