Regarding Bahuroopi National Festival – 2016 “Abhivyakti”



We are happy to announce that Rangayana Mysuru is dedicating the 13th edition of Bahuroopi National Festival – 2016 from January 14 to 20 as “Abhivyakti” (Expression/Manifestation). A week of festival is being organized on the holy occasion of Sankranti in a cheerful and meaningful way. The freedom of expression is a basic longing of each person and community. It is also the backbone of each form of creativity. Freedom of expression is a basic right provided by our constitution for each Indian citizen. This right has enabled many communities, which were downtrodden, to walk towards progression. This right has helped us to overcome imperfections and build a righteous society. This right has also helped us to express our feelings and opinions in a free and fearless manner and lead the life with self-confidence.
Theatre has always been expressing its opinions and feelings about the society artistically. It is a mirror to the imperfections of society and has done its duty in helping the society to correct itself. Theatre always belongs and responds to the present time. Similarly, the cinema, media, and social media have encouraged the freedom of expression. But, we have seen that this freedom has suffered, sometimes, due to the game plan of vested interests. We can also notice that expression has tried, misusing the technology, to spoil the health of our society. In this background, we need to frequently scrutinize the freedom of expression and keep an eye on the health of society.

On this basis, Rangayana has organized Bahuroopi National Festival – 2016 on the theme “Abhivyakti”. The main objective of this edition is to discuss the challenges and possibilities that expression is facing at all levels of the society and sorts of creativity.

The theme based dramas have been chosen from different parts of the country and state. Also, chance has been given to new experimentations of the active drama schools with trained young artists. Thus, drama enthusiasts have been given a chance to view better dramas. A national symposium is being organized where the intellectuals, thinkers, and stage men present their views on issues related to expression. This would prove to be a better stage to exchange ideas, communicate, and discuss.

Presentation is arranged from folk troupes with distinct genre from different parts of the country. We have considered enacting shows at different colleges to generate interest among the youth. These programs have been arranged in collaboration with South Zone Cultural Center, Thanjavur and Karnataka Yakshagana Bayalaata Academy. The famous and experienced troupes from different parts of the state are presenting street plays. A film festival has been arranged in association with Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy choosing the best cinemas all over the world. For the first time, “Abhivyakti” art camp has been arranged in association with Karnataka Lalitakala Academy and sponsorship from Mahalakshmi Sweets, Mysuru. Also included are the state and local handicraft and book exhibitions, and Indian food display and sale facilities. As an introductory trial to the Bahuroopi National Festival, a drama specially created for the occasion with unique style, is being arranged at Vanaranga.

In 1599, Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar, the first ever political drama based on the political theme of Rome Empire. Prof. G K Govindarao, a thinker and famous actor, has directed this play for Rangayana and a special exhibition has been arranged on this occasion. Bahuroopi is being arranged with the cooperation from Rangasamaja, Department of Kannada and Culture, Mysuru district in-charge minister, and district administration. Abhivyakthi – 2016 hopes that the stage men of Mysuru and the state, writers, artists, thinkers, and all the art lovers would make use of this opportunity.

Thanking you all.

H. Janardhan (Janni)

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